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Interior & Exterior Fine Plaster

We, Constrotech Industries Pvt. Ltd. offer an ideal plaster for interior & exterior walls as “Emplast” (Ready Mix Plaster). It can be used in new construction as well as in maintenance of floor and repair of old existing works. Constrotech Industries process fine quality of raw material & natural sand. Emplast is used as a plastering mortar in traditional process on site & is stronger, as well as time saving and binds better when used. Emplast has quality cement and additives, so chances of developing cracks are negligible.

Emplast provides you the best of composition of raw materials according to IS standards. Emplast is correct & controlled composition of super finished, good workability mortar.Using Emplast (Ready Mix Plaster) keeps your working area clean & also minimize the space for storing the material like sand & cement inventory for the construction or repair project.


Emplast (Ready Mix Plaster) confirms to IS ratio of sand, cement & few chemicals to give the best finished plaster on site. Emplast can be used for fitting tiles & vitrified flooring and also in stone bedding layer.. Emplast gives you uniform quality of plaster, as it is ready mix plaster which is time saving & reduces handling on site.


  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Correct and controlled composition
  • lnterior and exterior fine plaster
  • Also suitable for rooms with high moisture content

Technical Features

Emplast Plastering made Easy Ready Mix Plaster has features as below.
  • Silt free - below 5%
  • Fiber Base
  • Confirms to lS:2150- 1981
  • Controlled Composition
  • Time Saving & Reduces Rebounding
  • Need minimum Space & Easy Inventory
  • Per Bag Coverage of 13 to 14sq.ft. for 12mm. Plaster
  • Good Workability
  • Storage & Expiry time is 6 months from DOP

We Undertake

Along with the quality oriented & updated products, we also provide services for :

  • Construction services in Industrial Projects,
  • Concrete roads & Highways works,
  • Residential & Commercial Construction Works,
  • Infrastructure Development Contracts.

Material Compositions

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