For the first time in the trend of construction industry, we have distinguished the range of our quality products into following:

EMPLAST - Ready Mix Plaster :

Setting a new trend in market, EMPLAST stands out from other so called similar products. EMPLAST is manufactured by mixing sand, cement and other value added components in proportion to achieve better composition and bonding capacity.

EMPLAST has following variants for different types of applications:

  • EMPLAST PG : Plaster Grade with Natural sand as a component.
  • EMPLAST APG : Plaster Grade with Artificial sand as a component.
  • EMPLAST BG : Brick Grade - to be used as Mortar during brickwork.
  • EMPLSAT FG : Floor Grade
  • EMPLAST TG : Tile Grade

Advantages Of EMPLAST

  • Purity of materials; hence durability is ensured.
  • Use of waterproofing chemicals; hence further maintenance can be minimized & avoided.
  • Use of fiber shreds; hence better sticking and bonding capacity is achieved.
  • Risk of shrinkage cracks is reduced due to purity of the materials.
  • No Carbon Content; hence better strength is achieved.
  • No Silt Content in the components; hence better composition and quality is achieved.
  • Use of value added components; hence setting time doesn't get affected.
  • Storage and carting is far easier than the conventional methods.
  • 50% less labour required for plastering work.
  • 30% less labour required for concreting work.
  • Packaging is made better; hence no climatic Conditions can harm the product.
  • No wastage of material; hence the utility of product is cost effective.
  • Equal batching for every bag; hence consistency in quality is achieved.
  • Products can be ordered to exact quantity; Hence no assumptions required and extra
  • expenditure on material procurement can be avoided.


EMPLAST Technical Specifications:

Sr.No. Test Result Unit Reference % Specified Limit
1 Water Demand 14 % IS 4031 Part IV : 1988 (Reff.2009)
2 Setting Time 540 Minutes IS 4031 Part V : 1988 (Reff.2009)
3 Wet Density 1.60 g/cc ..........
4 Water Retentivity 91 % BS - 4551, > 95%
5 Avg. Compressive Strength in 28 Days. 5.90
6 Avg. Per Bag Coverage of 13 to 14sq.ft. for 12mm. Plaster
7 Pot Life : 60 to 90 Min
8 Bulk Density : 1.2 - 1.6 Kg /Liter

Performance Parameters Site Plaster Ready Mix Plaster
Penetration of Rain L,argeparticle sizes (>3 mm ) of sand leads to porous surface and gives easy access to rainwater Well graded of sand used in exact proportion ensuring compactness in plaster
Adhesion High silt and chloride content in sand decreases adhesion properties in mortar, causing high de-bonding losses Negligible silt and organic matter free plaster ensure strong adhesion and durability
Smoothness Not as smooth Smooth and hard surface Provided aesthetic base of plaster to work upon
Crack Formation Due to on site mixing Practice chances of crack formation is more RMP produced at automated DrY Mix Plant. therefore, chances of crack formation are negligible .
Water Cement Ratio Due to presence of moisture in sand, it is not possible to determine exact qualitY of water to be mixed Due to use of dry sand water cement ratio is maintained and full strength of plaster is obtained.
Grading of Sand No grading RMP uses graded sand, thus improving compactness of Plaster
Cement Sand Ratio Due to manual intervention mix proportion may vary on site Automated plant mixes the exact amount of material as prescribed thus cement sand ratio is maintained.
Plaster Thickness Since sand is not graded, thickness of plaster coat may vary Since graded sand is used, we may even achieve the required strength yet reduce the coat thickness up to 25oh*
Polymer Modification Polymer modification is diffrcult it involves multiple Polymers and doses Polymer based bounding compounds, waterproofing compounds, Polymer based bounding compound fibers as secondary reinforcement are premixed in automated plant resulting in overall durability