Need of Concretes

About Constro TechWe all know that concrete is the most essential factor in the field of construction. It is almost impossible to have constructed any structure with high strength, durability and factor of safety without using concrete as the chief component.

The proportionate composition of cement , sand and metal/coarse aggregate together makes a compound which is better in terms of compressive strength, durability and stiffness than any other raw material available today in the market.

This versatile compound made up of above mentioned raw materials is useful for the construction works in various sectors such as building construction, infrastructure development,construction specialties and so on.

How Do We Get Concrete

Considering the practices in today's industry, we require concrete in various forms and modes for all sorts of construction and development works/projects.

For this the users utilize following ways to mix and deliver the concrete:

  • By Transit Mixer(Ready Mix Conrete),
  • By Mixing On Site (Cast-In-Siyu Concrete)etc.
Both of the above mentioned options are widely used today in India as per the availability of raw materials and respective site conditions.

It is to be noted that the concrete in both of the above mentioned options is mixed with the help of same raw materials by implementing almost same methods.

Limitations Of Concretes Today

  • Purity of the raw materials is not maintained:hence the quality of product is surely hampered.
  • Role of added chemicals enhances the exothermic reaction of the concrete which in turn hampers the strength and durability.
  • Concrete bonding often can not be achieved up to the mark.
  • delivery of the perfectly mixed concrete through Transit Mixer is often a problem due to which the speed of work and quality is ruined.

What is the alternative?

In order to overcome this issue we need a strong alternative in the form a product which :

  • Delivers a sustainable combination of existing raw materials
  • Achieves purity and virginity of the raw material components in the concrete
  • Is a proportionate mixture of raw materials and quality enhancing chemicals
  • Is user friendly
  • Is economically affordable

Applying/Application on Site

Emplast provides you 40 kg bag for all products range by unit. The surface must be clean, solid, carrying, stabile, even without dirt, oily stains, residue of old coatings, unbound particles and dust. Basis mortar on which the fine mortar is applied has to be equal dry. Before the application of fine mortarthe basis mortar should be fairly moistened.The product is ready mixed and has been formulated so it can be used directly from the packet after adding 7 to 8 liters of water into the mixture. lt is always advisable to mix the product for at least 5 minutes prior to use. ln some instances where conditions are hot and dry, it may be helpful to re-temper with a small amount of water to provide a more pliable and spreadable consistency.

The tools used in plastering must immediately be cleaned after the use before adhesive hardens. Hardened material on tools can only be removed mechanically.EMPLAST Ready Mixed Plaster should be protected from continuous exposure to moisture, wind or site watering. The material should not be used at (surface, air, material) temperatures lower than +5'C. Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause use a loss of strength and / or adhesion.

Process of Handing Or Method of Mixing for Mortar

EMPLAST Ready Mixed Plaster is an easy-to-use repair and constructive plaster, specially formulated to use straight from the pack with addition of formulated amount of water.The product is an air drying material and when used correctly will provide strong cemented results. lt has a lightweight texture with low shrinkage and excellent crack and slump resistance. lt can give a perfectly flat surface, ready for decoration,without the need for a finish coat.

EMPLAST bags should be stored in dry conditions and protected from extremes of temperatures of below 5"C or above 40"C during storage. The container should always be kept airtight. lf storing on a concrete floor, dry timber platforms should be provided. Stored correctly, EMPLAST Ready Mixed Plaster has a shelf life of 6 months. The bags are printed with a 'use bydate' in order to assist with stock rotation.


Constrotech EM PLAST Ready Mixed Plaster is high density binding cement product and has to be cured in the same manner as other facade surfaces and should be protected against unfavorable weather conditions (most frequently classical protective curtains are used).Fine mortar needs for hardening adequate quantity of water, therefore avoid direct sun and strong wind during the hardening. Surface should be covered with protective curtain or should regularly be moistened with water. lt is advisable to not apply it in raining conditions. Usually curing should be done 3 times for 3 to 4 days. lf the site is located or exposed to abnormal weather, curing is required for 5 to 7 days.


During application in hot and / or dry conditions, care should be taken to ensure that rapid loss of moisture is avoided. lf the plaster dries out too rapidly, the strength and adhesion will be impaired.This product is recommended for the ideal conditions on site. Kindly ask for advice in abnormal conditions. Average utilization would be different as per the surface conditions of the actual site. Best result of Emplast depends on brick work quality or blocks used on site.


ln case of eye contact wash thoroughly with water at once and consult a doctor. ln case of skin contact flood with a lot of water. Keep away from the reach of children.